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The Word Conscious Classroom

Develop an Understanding of Sound Vocabulary Instruction

Vocabulary plays a critical role to student achievement. Hence, only research based, proven vocabulary practices are shared on The Word Conscious Classroom platform. 



"Research indicates that direct instruction in vocabulary can increase vocabulary learning and comprehension. If instruction is to influence comprehension, it needs to involve a breadth of information about the instructed words and engage active processing by getting students to think about and use the words".
McKeown, M. G., and I. L. Beck. “Direct and Rich Vocabulary Instruction.” In Vocabulary Instruction, edited by J. F. Baumann and E. J. Kame’enui, 13-27. New York: Guilford Press, 2004. Reprinted with permission of The Guilford Press, 72 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012. Copyright © 2004 by The Guildford Press.

Learning the art and science of teaching English vocabulary is not directly taught in teacher preparation programs. Hence, many teachers are not sure how to effectively teach vocabulary and settle for techniques that involve specific word instruction. Specific word instruction can be a highly effective method for supporting student's vocabulary acquisition, however, teaching word learning strategies and developing word consciousness also plays a critical role in robust vocabulary instruction. 

The Word Conscious Classroom has courses that will prepare teachers for intentional vocabulary instruction. Teachers will learn how to teach word-learning strategies such as using the dictionary, morphemic analysis, contextual analysis, and cognate awareness. The Word Conscious Classroom also provides teachers with professional development on using word play and word origins in order to enhance adept diction and word consciousness. Take our courses. You won't be disappointed.

 Diamond, L., & Gutlohn, L. (2009). Vocabulary handbook. Baltimore, Md: Brookes.



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