About The Word Conscious Classroom

The Word Conscious Classroom was established in 2018.

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The Story of the Word Conscious Classroom

In the earlier part of her career, Anitra was teaching instructional strategies in reading. Even though her students made progress in their reading skills, she knew something was still missing. In the fall of 2016, she took a course on Intermediate Orton-Gillingham Training with the Institute of Multi-sensory Education (IMSE). That course would forever change her life and the way that she teaches reading and writing instruction. 

By implementing the techniques gained from the IMSE course, Anitra saw a 10 point gain in student achievement on state reading assessments and quarterly formative assessments given by the district. As a result of these gains, Anitra wanted to share her successes with others. She believed that these powerful instructional techniques should be used with as many children as possible, hence, she formulated The Word Conscious Classroom Podcast and Learning Platform.