Page 7 L2 – Reading Assignment – Mark the Words

Mark the Words

So far the following prefixes, suffixes, and root has been examined:

  • con-
  • de-
  • infra-
  • ob-
  • re-
  • struct
  • -ion
  • -ure

All of those prefixes, suffixes, and the root ‘struct’, can be found in many reading materials. For this portion of the lesson, you will find all of the words that contain the prefixes, root, or suffixes that have been studied thus far.

Sharp Eyes

You will now read the following article and locate as many words as you can that contains the prefixes, suffixes, and roots that has been studied within this lesson.

This article is from the Science Journal for Kids and Teen.

What do you know about termites? Perhaps you’ve heard that some termites can infest your home. But there are many different species out there. For example, subterranean termites make tunnels in the soil to look for food. Like other social insects, termites divide their tasks by assigning them to different groups. So how do they organize the tunnel construction?

 We wanted to identify the specific individuals who are the most active during the start and expansion of tunnel construction. We monitored five groups of 30 termites for three days and found that it was usually three individuals who do most of the work all the time. We believe that these top busy workers are also responsible for the organization of the tunnel network.